March 7, 2022

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long to Open Your Luxury Pool for Spring

There’s always this weird conflict of when exactly you should open your pool in the spring. Particularly in the Atlanta, Georgia spring when temperatures could be in the nineties or they could be in the thirties. But there are some really compelling reasons for going ahead and opening your pool. Let’s dive into the discussion about why you shouldn’t wait too long to open your luxury pool for spring. 

Georgia Spring and Your Luxury Swimming Pool

If you’ve lived in Georgia for the full spectrum of all four seasons, you already know that there is no real normal. The temperature shifts from one day to the next are wildly unpredictable, so what really does the word “spring” mean in Atlanta? Not much. And that’s actually one of the reasons we advocate for opening your luxury pool sooner rather than later in the wild Georgia spring. 

The rule of thumb for opening your pool is generally when the air temperature is regularly above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, that could be any time of year here in Georgia. So, why should you open your luxury pool sooner rather than later? 

Prevent Algae Growth In Your Luxury Pool

One reason it would be wise to open your pool sooner in the spring is to prevent algae growth

Algae is enemy number one for the luxury swimming pool owners particularly in hot, steamy Georgia. If those temperatures are consistently over 70 degrees while your pool cover is still on, you may be creating the most wonderful algae growing environment ever.

The algae will love you, but your luxury pool will be a little less than luxurious. By opening as soon as possible, your pool pump and chemical balance will keep that algae growth at bay. So, crack that luxury pool open, baby, as soon as you feel the air warm up and that desire to jump in hits you. 

Swim Early In Your Luxury Swimming Pool

Like we’ve already mentioned, it’s not unusual at all for the mercury to rise into the eighties or even nineties in spring in Atlanta, Georgia. So, why not have your pool ready for those days if (read: when) they happen?

Just think, as soon as the sun is shining and the air is hot, you won’t have to wait to jump in and enjoy the luxurious cooling pool waters if you’ve already had your pool open and running. Maximize the number of swim days you get this swimming season by opening your pool in the early spring

If you’re still concerned about opening too early because of an errant day with freezing temperatures (which also wouldn’t be unusual for those crazy Atlanta spring temps), don’t be. Once you have your pool open and running, you can keep your pool pump circulating to avoid any water freezing in the pipes. Even if a freeze does occur, it’s highly unlikely to be cold enough to freeze moving water. 


Do you still need to make your luxury swimming pool a reality? Bellareed Luxury Pools are the local Atlanta experts for all things luxury pools. Be sure to schedule your consultation and begin making your luxury swimming pool dreams a reality. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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