June 9, 2022

What To Look For in a Pool Builder

To say that building a custom pool is a multifaceted project would be an understatement. Therefore, it’s important that when selecting a pool builder, you look for a company like Bellareed Luxury Pools that embraces several areas of knowledge and whose track record indicates that they coordinate those different areas like a well-oiled machine. Specifically, your pool builder should have the following qualities:

  • Have engineering savvy
  • Respect the land
  • Be real estate literate
  • Have diverse tastes

Have engineering savvy

This is a no-brainer when it comes to any construction project. Your pool builder should be able to synchronize both the structural and materials engineering components to deliver a product that is a winner in both function and aesthetics. 

You’ll be able to tell how sharp their engineering skills are based on their project management. The best builders communicate with you about goals often and clearly while making sure to keep time and resources front of mind. Whatever your vision, the builder should be able to tell you why or why not a particular design element or material will work.

Respect the land

No two construction projects are the same. This is due, largely, to the fact that every plot of land is unique. So be sure your builder appreciates every aspect of it from the topography to the vegetation. A quality builder can quickly identify what pieces can be eliminated, altered, or incorporated to fit a design.

Another critical point good builders consider on this topic is climate. A pool and the land it’s built on will react in different ways to the various elements and temperatures they are exposed to. How will your pool hold up in 100-degree heat? Or six inches of snow? Ask your builder, and if they respond with a maintenance plan for any weather, you’re in good hands!

Be real estate literate

Beautiful, inground pools, when built to last, can boost a property’s value. But before you can even break ground, it is necessary to investigate your municipality’s ordinances to make sure your envisioned pool is zoning-compliant. From a distance, this can look like an intimidating process covered in red tape, but a good builder will collaborate with you on this. They want you to swim in your custom-built pool - not paperwork. 

Furthermore, that builder will talk about your pool as if you plan to swim in it forever but also recognizes that you may want to sell your home one day. A pool builder who has been in the business long enough will be able to compare your dream oasis to others in your area and get a sense of how it will affect your bottom line if you decide to put a “For Sale” sign up in your yard.

Have diverse tastes 

Who would you rather build your pool: a team of craftspeople with decades of experience that enables them to create a custom product based on the client? Or a team whose approach to building projects is more wash, rinse, repeat? If you chose the first one, good for you. You are in for a truly signature pool!

When searching for your builder, prioritize skilled artisans who have the experience to know what works well in their field but also are hungry for bold, creative moves within their craft. These people have diverse tastes and, therefore, are better able to tell you when something like a waterfall or a grotto may be a valuable addition to your design. Those same people can quickly turn around and help you with other creative decisions like what type of stone to put around your pool.

The builders at Bellareed Luxury Pools have all of these qualities elevating the caliber of both our products and customer service. Plus, we complete most of our pool projects in 12 weeks. If you want a good look at what we can do, visit our Gallery online today!

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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