January 1, 2021

What To Consider Before Designing a Fire Pit in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta, then you probably have more backyard than you know what to do with! At Bellareed Luxury Pools, we’re outdoor living space design specialists helping homeowners like you design custom backyards, swimming pools, and outdoor living spaces! We’ve built our fair share of custom backyards and one of the staple features is always a fire pit! Who doesn’t love a fire pit? They look cool, they’re practical, and they create a focal point in your backyard where your family and friends can gather and share great memories. Designing a fire pit for your backyard is a big deal and it should require some consideration before installing. From your budget to the design styles that you’d prefer, and even where to place it! We have you covered. Here are a few things to consider before designing a fire pit in Atlanta.

Are There Any Possible Restrictions for Fire Pits?

Any time you are installing a fire feature on your property, you want to be sure that it is allowed and safe under any fire codes. There are obvious places where you wouldn’t want a fire pit, like under a wooden cover or structure. There are other restrictions such as trees, foliage, and even the distance from your permanent fire structure to your neighbor’s property. Luckily, our outdoor living space design team does all the research for you when designing an Atlanta fire pit so that we place it somewhere where it won’t cause any issues later on!

What Kind of Style Fire Pit Would You Like?

There are a lot of portable or temporary fire pits and fixtures that are great for packing up and moving, but they are pretty limited in their appearance. Most are just steel bowls with a cover. This does the job but they can lack in appearance. A permanent fire fixture on the other hand can be designed with stones and bricks that match the architecture of your home to create a cohesive look in your yard’s design. At Bellareed, we design all of our firepits this way so that we can create the backyard of your dreams.

Do You Want Seating Around Your Fire Pit?

Another thing to consider when designing a fire pit is whether or not you want to have built-in seating around the pit. While there is nothing wrong with pulling up a seat when you want to use the fire pit, designing the fire pit with seating in mind can help create a stylish area in your backyard that stands out even when the fire pit is not in use.

Hiring the Right Fire Pit Design and Installation Team

Don’t risk installing a fire feature yourself, or worse, paying the wrong people to install it incorrectly! Hire the right fire pit design and installation team. From start to finish, our team gives you the red carpet treatment and provides you with high-quality 3D renderings of what your backyard will look like, then we do all of the work in-house to ensure quality! Trust the experts at Bellareed Luxury Pools for all of your backyard design and construction needs!

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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