February 22, 2023

What Options are Available for My Custom Patio?

At first glance, a custom patio for your Atlanta backyard sounds like a dream. You get exactly what you want, and you can create the perfect modern luxury backyard to accommodate you and your closest friends and family.

But the process can become overwhelming as soon as you realize just how many different options there are for your patio. So, let’s take some time to regroup and organize our thoughts. And answer the big question, “What options are available for my custom patio?”

Build Onto Your Existing Outdoor Space

So many of your custom patio options can be narrowed down just by determining how you want to start. One of your options for your up-and-coming luxury backyard in Columbus or Augusta-Richmond County is to build onto your existing home in your existing backyard space. 

One of our special areas of focus here at Bellareed™ Luxury Pools is incorporating your new custom patio into the existing design and look of your current home. That includes everything from materials to elevation. We want your custom patio build to fit seamlessly into your current home’s design. 

So, if you know that’s your goal for your custom patio build, then that’s going to help focus your patio options. 

Build a Stand-Alone Custom Patio

Your next consideration when it comes to your custom patio build for your Georgia home could be a stand-alone patio that is completely detached from your existing home. Sometimes building a detached patio can give the feel and illusion that you're escaping to your own modern luxury oasis far away. And quite frankly, we love that idea. 

Some of our favorite designs for detached patio options include shaded pergolas with extravagant landscaping and climbing vines or elegant gazebos for extra added privacy. Don’t limit yourself to one particular design with everyone else’s typical patio build. Think outside the patio box and push the limits a little bit.

Build a Custom Patio Fire Pit

Speaking of pushing the limits, a custom patio build from Bellareed™ will automatically be next-level just by virtue of our design team and in-house build team. So don’t forget to consider adding a custom patio firepit. Nothing feels quite as cozy and comfortable as enjoying the crisp Georgia fall while sitting around your custom fire pit on your brand new patio. 

With our different patio and decking material options including natural stone, stamped concrete, or textured concrete, you can create the most beautiful patio space to enhance the beauty of your custom-built fire pit. And our design and build teams will walk you through the process every step of the way. That way you can enjoy not only the finished product but also the process.

Build a One-of-a-Kind Design with Specialized Materials

And finally, you need to remember the most important option of all, customization. Our design and build teams at Bellareed™ offer a variety of building materials for every aspect of your custom patio from the decking or paving materials to the materials that will build your fire pit. 

Some of our available materials are even rare, uncommon materials that are sourced from overseas. Ultimately, your custom design is up to you, so we encourage you to ask questions and bring your vision to our team. With Bellareed™ Luxury Pools, we’re here to build the modern luxury backyard of your dreams. 

Build with Bellareed™

So whether you’re looking to build an elegant and simple patio design to compliment your existing home or an elaborate secret escape oasis, our Bellareed™ team is ready to help you make it happen. Contact us today to get all the details and to schedule your free consultation. Your modern luxury backyard is closer than you think. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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