June 30, 2022

The Pros and Cons of a PebbleTec Pool Finish

The look and feel of your dream pool’s surface features are as important to your swimming experience as its water systems. Yet so many people get so lost in the fantasies of the water that they forget about the walls and the floor. Bellareed Luxury Pools eliminates this oversight by building each of our pools with a PebbleTecⓇ pool finish which comes in a variety of premium textures and colors to suit the owner’s taste.

Like every other aspect of the pool design, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a PebbleTec pool finish, so we have compiled the following list for you to reference while conceptualizing your dream pool.

Pro: Dazzling Color Variety

Pools finished with PebbleTec products don’t look like your average pool. Rather, they transform your yard into an aquatic oasis worthy of a postcard. The finish comprises mainly aggregate (i.e., tiny, smooth stones and pebbles), cement, and sand. Fade-resistant pigments are incorporated to create an array of colors that enhance the water's look. Some finishes also include certain additives like seashells and glass beads to lend even more light-catching elements to the mix.

PebbleTec’s color palette ranges from light, icy blues to nearly black with a rich selection of aquatic hues in between. With options like Arctic White, Caribbean Blue, Desert Gold, Black Marble, and Sapphire Galaxy available, your pool has the potential to achieve the same splendor as some of the world’s most sought-after resorts. 

Pro: Excellent Durability

The aggregate material in PebbleTec’s pool finishes makes it especially durable. In a well-maintained pool, a PebbleTec finish lasts at least 25 years. By comparison, standard plaster, the most common finish for concrete pools, will last about half that time if you are lucky.

PebbleTec’s experts meticulously source and screen their aggregate from beaches and riverbeds across the world for maximum strength. The result is a luxury pool that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful - a true masterpiece!

Con: Price 

A PebbleTec pool finish does require a generous budget. A plaster finish in a given pool, on average, is about half the price a PebbleTec finish would be. But remember, double the cost may also mean double the lifetime of your finish if you use PebbleTec over plaster. 

Ultimately, the question comes down to how long you want to go without having to refinish your pool. Besides, how likely is a standard plaster finish to resemble a shimmering lagoon in The Bahamas?

Con: The Texture Isn’t for Everybody

When we define aggregate as “tiny stones and pebbles,” we mean smooth stuff small enough to lodge itself under a fingernail - not the gem-sized rocks you collected from the river bed when you went camping as a kid. But make no mistake, it is still a rocky substance that some users describe as being tough on their feet.

The good news is that PebbleTec pool finishes come in different refinement levels. If you are concerned about how sensitive your guests’ steps will be in your pool, you can choose a finish with a finer grain (i.e., a smoother surface).

Whether your goal is to simulate an emerald bay or evoke the opulence of ancient Egypt, one of the PebbleTec pool finishes offered by Bellareed Luxury Pools has the potential to deliver that breathtaking look that, until now, has lived only in your mind’s eye. Visit our Luxury Pools & Spas page to learn more about our custom design and construction process. Then, check out our Swimming Pool Construction Page for information on how we incorporate PebbleTec finishes and other impressive pool features into our designs.

If a PebbleTec pool finish sounds like the right fit for your custom luxury pool in Tennessee, schedule a free design consultation with Bellareed today. We complete most of our projects in 12 weeks and do all of the work in-house, from design, permits, and construction. Reach out today!

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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