September 30, 2021

Plaster vs Pebble Tec® Pool Finishes

A good interior finish is necessary for every concrete pool. Why settle for the basics? The type of finish you select can elevate your pool to a luxurious showstopper. That’s why at Bellareed, every pool we build is finished in Pebble Tec®. However, the plaster vs Pebble Tec debate isn’t just about creating a pool that looks beautiful. All finishes are not created equal. They vary significantly in durability and performance. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between two of the most popular concrete pool surfaces. 


Pool Finishes 101

Before we dive into plaster vs Pebble Tec pool finishes, here’s a short refresher on what pool finishes are and why they’re so important. Concrete is a porous material — it’s the finish on your pool that waterproofs it, protecting the foundation of your pool and making your backyard an all-inclusive oasis. 

As the Grand Canyon illustrates, water is powerful and takes a toll on all surfaces over time. All pool finishes, no matter how luxurious, will be subjected to some slow wear and tear caused by water over the years. Let’s look at durability and aesthetics to compare.



Plaster finishes generally last 7-10 years before the pool needs to be replastered. But before it reaches the end of its lifespan, a plaster finish requires careful water care and quite a bit of maintenance. Plaster is porous, which means it has tiny nooks and crannies for algae, dirt, and chemicals to settle into. It shows stains easily. To combat this, pool owners with plaster-finished pools can have their pool acid washed every few years. However, the acid doesn’t just remove stains but literally washes away a thin layer of the plaster... meaning a plaster finish can only be acid washed 1-2 times before the acid damages the surface too deeply.

Pebble Tec pools, on the other hand, are extremely durable. At Bellareed, our pools come with a 15-year warranty on the finish — but Pebble Tec pools have been known to last much longer before needing to be refinished! 




We’re all familiar with the classic, community pool-look of a white plastered pool. Often, homeowners with this type of concrete pool will select colorful waterline tiles to customize the look of their pool. 

Luckily, Pebble Tec finishes provide more than just the basic options. We love using Pebble Tec for our pools because it comes in an array of colors, making it easy to create the aesthetic our clients are looking for. Want a pool that feels like a mountain stream? A pool finished in Tahoe Blue might be the perfect fit for you.

plaster vs Pebble Tec

Alternatively, if you want your backyard to feel like an island escape, you might love a Caribbean Blue finish:

Plaster vs Pebble Tec

When it comes to defining your backyard style, Bellareed can certainly help you achieve your goals, both in creating the right shape and design and in helping you select the Pebble Tec finish that will bring your oasis to life. 


Are you looking for some color inspiration for your upcoming pool? Check out our gallery of recently finished projects! 

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