November 22, 2021

Off-Season Pool Care

As swim season draws to a close, there’s always that little feeling of sadness, but also anticipation of the swim-season to come. Here in Atlanta we can boast a long, long swim-season thanks to those high temperatures. But all good things must come to an end. So, how can you make sure you’re doing the most for your pool in the off-season? We’re glad you asked. Here’s how to do off-season pool care. 

Keep the Centerpiece Pristine

The absolute, non-negotiable, most important thing you should do for your pool this off-season is keep those chemicals in balance. Luckily, chemical balance is a little easier when people aren’t swimming daily to disrupt the balance and the sun isn’t blazing to evaporate chemicals. At this time of year, you should check your chemicals about once a week and make sure your water level stays in place. These two things are going to help ensure your pool stays pristine and beautiful even if you aren’t swimming on the regular. Just because you aren’t out there splashing, doesn’t mean your pool isn’t part of the overall aesthetic. It is. Treat it accordingly. 

If you choose to close down your pool entirely, treat it well with an appropriate pool cover that meets your needs. But, if you choose to keep that beauty open, you need dedication to maintaining it through the off-season.

Watch Out for Freezing Temperatures 

While not super common in the Atlanta area, we can see a hard freeze or two during the winter. You’ll need to stay aware of the temperature and act accordingly to protect your luxury pool in the winter months. The problem with freezing temperatures comes when the water within your pump and pipes freezes, expands, and cracks the equipment. Obviously, this is no bueno. 

You have a few options when freezing water is forecast. You could drain your equipment of the water, so nothing can freeze and nothing can crack. Or you could run your pump to circulate water since running water won’t freeze (unless the temperatures are crazy low, in which case you’ve got bigger problems in the Atlanta area). Finally, you could choose to winterize your pool. In this case you won’t need to hold the mental space for off-season care in quite the same way. 

If you do choose to completely close-down and winterize your luxury pool, you should consider reopening when the temperatures are still just a little cooler. This will give you a jump on the algae growth. It might just be a tad easier to get that baby going, so you and yours can be swimming in those pristine waters sooner rather than later.

Choose Bellareed

Whichever decision you make, your focus will be on the longevity and life of your luxury pool and whatever fits your lifestyle best. If you want to leave your maintenance up to our team, that’s always an option when you purchase your new pool and choose to sign-up for the Bellareed Lifetime Titanium Warranty Plan.

When you decide to dive-in to the world of luxury pools and outdoor oases, you’re going to want to give the elegance experts at Bellareed Luxury Pools a call. Our team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction and the realization of your luxury vision. We’re ready to make your backyard oasis dreams come true in 90 days or less. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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