October 18, 2021

Must-Have Backyard Accessories for Fall

When the leaves finally begin to change and the temperatures cool down (at least a little bit—this is Atlanta), there’s nothing more relaxing and luxurious than the crackle and warmth of a blazing fire. But we’re not talking about your traditional bonfire or indoor fireplace. At Bellareed Luxury Pools, we like to take the ordinary and make it upscale. So, let’s take a look at our must-have backyard accessories for fall. 


Custom Fire Pits

When you're looking for the perfect place to relax and let go, there’s something primally satisfying about sitting around the light and warmth of a healthy fire. Now, you can bring that idea to the modern day with a perfectly custom-designed fire pit to suit your backyard haven. Whether you want to create an atmosphere that's warm and cozy or one that shows just how far you’ve come, Bellareed has you covered.  

You can choose from a wide array of material options to represent exactly your style and personality. We’ve got natural stone and brick materials you can select from or some more unique materials like iron. Your custom fire pit will be the focal point of your space, so we want to provide you with the best choices for fire pits in Atlanta. 


Custom Fireplaces 

A custom fireplace is another must-have for fall. If you have a covered backyard,  more suited to a full fireplace, that’s also something we can handle. With a custom fireplace, you have the freedom to design the exact fireplace that fits your needs. Whether you desire a super modern style or a more subtle approach, the choice is completely up to you, and we’re happy to make it happen. 

Take a moment to envision yourself making s’mores or sipping a warm drink next to your brand new fire feature as the leaves fall around you. There’s no more relaxing scene. 


Outdoor Kitchens

And while we’re on the subject of fire and fall, you can’t be without an outdoor kitchen when the nicest weather of the year arrives. Fall in Atlanta is perfect for spending the most time outdoors, and what better way to do that than to cook outside? But we’re not talking about roughing it; we’re talking about cooking outdoors with everything you need—all the amenities. Our experts at Bellareed know a thing or two about designing the perfect outdoor kitchen for the space you have. We focus on form and function when it comes to your outdoor kitchen space, so you can enjoy everything about the best season for cooking outdoors.  

You have the freedom to choose all the materials for your outdoor kitchen space, and we can build-in anything from a grill or smoker to a whole refrigerator. Our experts at Bellareed are committed to making sure that you have the most luxurious backyard that your heart desires. 


As fall settles in, be sure to think about your must-have backyard accessories to ensure a perfect fall season. Contact our team at Bellareed Luxury Pools to get started on your custom fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen design, today. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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