March 10, 2022

How Long Does It Take to Build A Luxury Pool in Tennessee?

How long does it take to build a luxury pool in Tennessee? It depends on who your pool builder is. For some, building a custom luxury pool can take several months. At Bellareed Luxury Pools, though, we do it start to finish, in 90 days or less. Here’s how we’ve streamlined the process!

Permits For Building A Luxury Pool

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One of the things that can slow down the pool building process is getting the permits – this can take several weeks. You must make sure you have the right paperwork before you dig the first shovel of dirt for your pool.

However, we have an in-house permitting and drafting department that deals with all of the permits. As soon as your design is approved by you, they work on getting your permit as quickly as possible. While others are still getting all the information and submitting the paperwork, we already have it done.

Designing For Building A Luxury Pool

Luxury Pool Construction in Atlanta

We also have an in-house design team ready to go to work on your dream pool. They go the extra mile to create an oasis for your family and you to escape daily life. We have numerous options for you in helping make your dream a reality, and are experts on doing so efficiently.

First, we consider your home’s style and design your dream pool to complement it. We have decorative concrete that will add style and elegance to your pool area. We can add features to your pool to give it a unique flavor that showcases your style and add a fire or water element to the design to enhance your pool’s beauty. These include heaters, bubblers, sheer descents, fire, and water bowls. Adding a heater to your design will give you more days of pleasure in your pool. We use PebbleTec® with their wide range of finishes and colors to give you more options as well as top-notch quality. 

No Subcontracting

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Many companies use subcontractors. This takes up time finding them, hiring them, and scheduling them.

We don’t have that problem here. Since our entire team is in-house - drafters, designers, and builders - we are always on the same page and schedule. Timelines are not a problem for the Bellareed team! This not only creates a seamless pool build process from start to finish, but saves you money on subcontractors.

The Advantages of Building a Luxury Pool with Bellareed

Other pool builders have wait-lists, get permits, and hire subcontractors to get pool build projects done. That is not the case with us. Doing everything in-house eliminates those obstacles and clears the path for us to build your dream pool in 90 days or less. We handle everything from day one and our whole team works with you and in your budget to build your dream luxury pool.

In just a few weeks, you could be enjoying your luxury pool in your Tennessee backyard with friends and family. You can be socializing, having pool parties, and more. The first step is reaching out to Bellareed Luxury Pools and scheduling a design consultation. Let’s get started!


Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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