December 30, 2021

How to Create a Backyard You'll Love All Year Long

A true backyard oasis is one you can enjoy anytime of the year. In our Atlanta climate, there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t have a year-round luxury experience in your backyard. In fact, every season should lend itself perfectly to facilitating luxury in its own time. Enjoy every season from the comfort and luxury of your own perfectly designed backyard. Here’s how to create a backyard you’ll love all year long. 

Fall into Atlanta’s Most Beautiful Season

a fire pit is surrounded by stamped concrete and a stone bench with trees in the background as part of the backyard you'll love all year round

A fire pit makes fall more enjoyable.

You may disagree, but fall is arguably the most beautiful season in Atlanta or possibly the whole earth. How can you not only enjoy the great outdoors during this season but also highlight it’s beauty and enjoy it in the height of luxury? By designing a specially crafted outdoor experience that emphasizes your style, sophistication, and your backyard space, of course. 

Start by considering top backyard projects you can complete in your backyard space. Choose anything from custom patios to custom-built fire pits, depending on your own personal needs and dreams. 

Custom Fire Pits

When you set out to design the backyard space that will best suit your fall season, consider starting with a custom-built and uniquely designed fire pit. Fall is the perfect time to create and enjoy a fire pit that brings both power and comfort to your backyard setting. There’s something primally satisfying about gathering around a roaring fire with others and creating some time and space to enjoy the moment. 

Envision how your guests will relax and feel at ease in the crisp cool air as they discuss the latest happenings. You can cook. You can sing. Or you can just be. That’s the beauty of the fire pit. There are no expectations and nearly endless opportunities. Couple that with the beauty of the changing leaves, and you have the beginnings of that backyard oasis that you’ll love all year long. 

Atlanta Winter’s Cozy Potential

an outdoor fireplace burns while a television plays above it on an outdoor patio that's the perfect addition to the backyard you'll love year round.

A custom patio creates the perfect cozy winter space.

As you move into the coolest part of the year for Atlanta, you may want to consider how you can stay cozy but still enjoy the clear skies and cool air. The perfect solution is a perfectly designed and well-built custom patio or luxury deck. 

Perfect Patio

The perfect patio or deck can have you close to your home, but still outdoors with the best of both. Imagine stepping straight from your house out onto the perfect custom patio. Complete with brilliantly crafted custom concrete stamping and luxuriously cozy furniture, you can breathe in the cool, crisp air to your heart’s content. 

Add in a custom outdoor fireplace, and you’ll barely notice that you’ve left the comfort of your home for the seamless comfort of your patio. The only indicator that you are outside is the change in ambiance as you take in the peaceful sounds of nature. 

With our expert design team at Bellareed, you can create the perfect winter oasis. Choose from specialty, custom materials that fit your budget. With an eye toward your satisfaction, we’ll create the perfect winter patio getaway that you’ll love no matter the season. 

Perfect Atlanta Spring Spaces

an outdoor kitchen adds to the backyard you'll love year round

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for spring.

Then, as the seasons warm up, you can transition to your immaculately built outdoor kitchen. There’s something inherently motivating about the awakening of nature as new life buds and blooms all around us. 

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

As nature renews and spring arrives, you can create wonderful culinary experiences for your family and your guests in your luxury outdoor kitchen. Design your completely unique outdoor kitchen to your specifications, so that you can cook outdoors in the spring and all year long. 

Bellareed can create a masterpiece of an outdoor kitchen with almost any amenity you can think of. Choose from wood-burning ovens to high-end, luxury gas grills. Add in a wet bar where you can whip up your own signature cocktails. 

Anything you can include in your indoor kitchen, we can include in your outdoor kitchen. If you need a refrigerator or a dishwasher, we’ve got you covered. If you want warming drawers or extra storage, say no more. Whatever your dream outdoor kitchen looks like, we can make it a reality. Just be forewarned; you may find yourself spending more time in your outdoor kitchen in the spring (and every other season) than you do in your indoor kitchen. 

Hot Atlanta Summer

a water slide and rock waterfall lead into deep blue water in a luxury pool that is the perfect addition to the backyard you'll love year round

A luxury pool is a necessity for a backyard you'll love year round. And, as we finally move into the gloriously hot Atlanta summers, your luxury pool is the pièce de résistance of your year-round backyard oasis. Your luxury pool is the thing that will actually make it more comfortable to be outdoors in the Atlanta summer than indoors.  

Luxury Pool Perfection

Whether you’re designing with family in mind or for only adults, you can achieve luxury and elegance with Bellareed’s expertise. 

You can begin by easing into the cool, refreshing water of your luxury pool with the installation of a tanning ledge where you can simply rest or even install a lounge chair for the ultimate cooling and tanning experience. Also, consider building a slide for expedited entry when necessary or a rock waterfall for added beauty and elegance. 

Create the perfect, personalized luxury experience with a design that keeps your unique style and vibe in mind. If you want to create a natural, mountain oasis, we can include rock features and natural finishes down to your pools’ surfacing. If you want to create a more modern, luxury feel, we’ve got everything you need. Beautiful sheer descents and water bowls bring that elegant, modern feel and also maintain the beauty of your space year round.

And when the seasons change, as they always do, you can include a built-in spa that will bring you right back to and through the colder months when you won’t be in your luxury pool. 


Bellareed has all the options you need to make it hard to leave any of your outdoor spaces. And we have the expertise and know-how to make it all a reality. What really and truly sets us apart from everyone else is our ability to complete your project in 90 days or less, not to mention that we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Bellareed Luxury Pools today to get started on your year-round luxury oasis. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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