April 15, 2022

How Soon Can I Get A Pool?

“How soon can I get a pool?” is a thought that may come to mind while you look at your Tennessee backyard as the weather gets warmer. You’ve probably been researching it and getting a lot of different answers to your question. That is a question we get asked a lot at Bellareed Luxury Pools. Our answer: 12 weeks! Let’s take a look at how we build most of our pools in 12 weeks.

Our Permits are Done Fast

Luxury Pools

With Bellareed, it takes 12 weeks to build a luxury pool.

“No job is complete until the paperwork is done” is how an old saying goes. In the case of pool construction, you can’t turn the first shovelful of dirt till the permits are turned in and approved. This process can be one of the most time-consuming parts of building a pool.

It can take other builders weeks or more to get the permits but Bellareed is different. We have a fully staffed permitting and drafting department in-house. They get the necessary permits processed as quickly as possible. While other builders are still working on the applications and paperwork, we have the permits we need in hand.

No Subcontractors Needed to Get a Pool

Finding subcontractors and hiring them takes up valuable time. Often, there are also scheduling conflicts between subcontractors which can cause even more delays in pool construction.

However, Bellareed is different from other pool companies. From start to finish, all the work is done in-house. From designers to builders, our team is on the same page all the time. There is no trying to coordinate with outside subcontractors to get your luxury pool built. 

Besides time, our team saves you money by not using subcontractors. Trying to factor in subcontractor costs can really raise your pool budget, so by keeping all of the work in-house, we save you money in the process. We work with you and respect your budget to create your dream Tennessee luxury pool.

Not only does Bellareed give you advantages in speed and savings, we also give you the additional advantages of quality and control. By not using subcontractors, we have eliminated the middlemen, so we give you a higher quality product. We use the finest materials sourced from Europe and other places. For pool finishes, we use PebbleTec® which is renowned for its quality. A bonus in using PebbleTec products is the wide range of finishes and colors they offer.

The Bellareed Advantages

Another advantage is control. Since the entire process is in-house, if anything goes wrong, we are responsible for it and take full ownership of it. This means we will fix it till it’s right. Also, this means when everything goes right, we take full ownership of it. By choosing Bellareed, everything is going to turn out right the first time.

So how soon can you get a pool in Tennessee? With Bellareed, most of our projects are complete in 12 weeks. Our design team uses the latest technology including 3D imaging to design your pool. Working with you, we take into account your home architecture, features, and your budget. We will bring your vision to life. Schedule a free consultation today so we can begin the process.

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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