September 1, 2021

How Much Does a Cocktail Pool Cost?

A cocktail pool is a wonderful option for those looking to add a luxury pool to their backyard. The only question that remains is how much does a cocktail pool cost? Until the design is decided upon, it can be difficult to determine the precise cost of your cocktail pool because of the many different styles and options available.

First things first...

What Is a Cocktail Pool?

A cocktail pool is similar to other standalone pools but differs slightly in shape, design, and size. While most pools have a long rectangular or oval shape with relatively straight sides, cocktail pools are circular or irregular in shape and have curved sides. They can be any size but cocktail pools are usually smaller than the average pool. Sometimes they are wrongly referred to as a plunge pool or spools, but we'll get into that later.

Cocktail pools are a hot trend in home design these days when it comes to adding luxury amenities to your backyard or patio area. These types of pools can add a resort feel which will make entertaining guests easier and fun as they create an open-air type atmosphere that’s ideal for lounging, even during the winter months.

You can spend more on a cocktail pool than what you might usually spend on other pools but there are always ways to save money before committing to one specific style or color scheme so be sure to do your research before making any official decisions about installing one at your property. Be sure to factor in additional accessories such as water fountains and fire pits if desired, upgrades you might want to make, and even electricity charges for safety reasons.

What is a Spool?

A Spool is short for Spa Pool. Spools are usually small pools designed for relaxation rather than exercise. They are often large enough for two adults to lie side by side, similar to a hot tub. However they may not have jets like a hot tub does. Spools can be positioned indoors or outdoors and are typically built with decking around the pool that is up to three feet wide.

A spool can be used year round when filled with water although many are drained in winter months as it’s more difficult to keep them clean during colder weather conditions. Spools require gas, electric or oil heaters to maintain an average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In order for one to run efficiently it needs at least 200 gallons of water per minute and the proper filtration system in place

Difference Between a Cocktail Pool and a Spool

A cocktail pool becomes a spool when it is installed in conjunction with an existing spa. Once you start adding seating, jets, and heaters it becomes a spool. These pools are common at luxury resorts and hotels because they provide a fun aquatic environment that guests can enjoy while relaxing near the hot tub or pool.

While cocktail pools do not have a spa, they are both great for entertaining a small number of guests!

What Homes Are Best Suited For Cocktail Pools?

Cocktail pools are best for backyards that aren't big enough for a standard sized swimming pool or for backyards with room to spare for a bit of creativity. They work well on level properties which makes them ideal even if your yard dips or rises slightly. Cocktail pools do not work well with steeply sloping yards. These features may also make it difficult to choose a color scheme since you can’t simply use lighter colors at the bottom and dark colors at the top without creating an awkward effect.

One of the great things about cocktail pools is that they are smaller, so it usually takes less time to install. However, it’s important that you factor in landscaping into your timeline as well. A cocktail pool usually has a unique design which might require additional digging and leveling before installing the pool itself.

Which Pool is Suitable For My House?

Cocktail pools can be used as a standalone pool or in conjunction with other various types of swimming pools for your house such as an above ground pool, inground pool, swim spa, and of course saltwater pools which provide both health and beauty benefits to homeowners looking for more than just a standard pool to lounge around during the summer months.

Many cocktail pools are not designed for exercise or competition so if you plan on hosting any type of sport related events this might not be the best choice for your backyard area although there are many shapes and styles to choose from when it comes to these specific features.

There are several different types of designs that homeowners can choose between including free form pools, kidney shaped spools, oval cocktail pools, and even L-shaped spools.

What to Know Before Getting a Cocktail Pool

When you are considering adding a cocktail pool to your landscape there are some important factors you should keep in mind. First, their unique design could add additional costs. If your home has several entertaining spaces then this can be great because cocktail pools come in different shapes and sizes so it's possible to install multiple ones.

It's also important to consider what the cocktail pool will be used for. If your gatherings are smaller and informal this is a great idea because it can entertain small numbers of guests. If your gatherings tend to have large groups of friends or if you have pets that might need the extra space, then you should consider something different such as a regular swimming pool.

The surface on which cocktail pools are placed is also important to consider especially if you plan to have a large amount of foot traffic around the pool. If your yard consists of grass, then there aren’t many concerns. However, if the ground is unstable or has rocks sticking out, then this can cause problems when guests walk over it and become injured.

Pools that sit directly off a deck can be quite beautiful but they require regular maintenance such as cleaning them every few weeks and checking valves and other aspects associated with keeping water clean.

One last thing that is really important before installing your cocktail pool is having proper drainage in the location you want to use it. If your pool is not installed right, then there could be leakage problems which are very difficult and expensive to fix.

Cocktail pools are a great addition to any well-maintained yard that has an area of approximately 400 square feet. They can make great outdoor entertainment spaces for parties or relaxing on your own with a good book in hand and cold drink nearby!

How Big Are Cocktail Pools?

Cocktail pools vary in size from pool to pool. They typically take up anywhere from 300-1,000 square feet (average is 400 square feet) and can be installed in different locations around your yard. It’s possible to install more than one cocktail pool if you have the space for it and this is often done if a large home has several entertaining areas or smaller spaces that work well as separate lounging areas.

Cocktail pools come in various shapes, sizes and depths. In average, cocktail pools have a depth of around 4-5 feet which makes them great for hosting small gatherings or just relaxing by yourself with the water as your own personal oasis. Since they aren't that deep, they also use less water!

Since these pools only have a depth of 4-5 feet, they usually sit anywhere from 6-10 feet above ground.

What Is Included With a Cocktail Pool Installation?

The cost of a cocktail pool includes excavating the area, installing fencing for safety, adding landscaping, digging out the ground necessary for installation purposes and setting up accessories such as lighting. It also includes filling the pool with water and filtering equipment along with a chlorinating system and other chemicals.

How Much Does a Cocktail Pool Cost?

The cost of a cocktail pool varies depending on the design, materials used to construct it, as well as the type of accessories you want included with your new pool. To get an accurate pricing estimate, give us a call! We can work up the design based on your yard and specific needs.

What Other Costs Are Involved with Cocktail Pool Design and Installation?

Depending on the design that you choose, cocktail pools can include other costs such as electricity for lighting and equipment along with installation of a water line to feed it if necessary. There are also annual costs which include maintenance and chemicals to keep your pool clean and algae free.

It’s possible that you might want to upgrade certain features around the area, such as fencing, lighting, plants and landscaping, or even other items like water fountains or a fire pit. Upgrades are often necessary if you want additional features but they can also cost more on top of initial installation costs depending on what exactly is involved moving forward with your new pool.

Some of the costs involved with installation:

  • Design – Some luxury pool builders will require a fee to design your pool. Here at Bellareed Luxury Pools we offer a free 3D design consultation. We'll give you a few designs including designs for traditional pools, square pools, plunge pools, and pools meant for indoors. This consultation also includes the pool costs!
  • Permits –  Often necessary to obtain depending on your area’s zoning restrictions
  • Equipment – If you need any cranes or special excavation equipment, you might incur additional costs. This is especially true depending on what kind of ground the pool will be installed in.
  • Construction/Labor – To build the pool in your backyard.
  • Water Line Installation – A water line needs to be installed to equip your new pool with a filtration system.
  • Pool Filtration System – Cocktail pools have many benefits when it comes to the level of care they require once installed but one downside is the added cost that comes along with maintaining them as well as complying with local laws regarding water quality standards. Before you decide if installing a cocktail pool is right for you, make sure that you understand all of the costs involved including what type of filtration system will work best for your space.

Cocktail pool owners are required to regularly clean the water and ensure that optimal water filtration is occurring. With this in mind, we’ve found that investing in a premium filter system will end up being less expensive in the long run than other types of equipment, so ask your contractor for an accurate quote before moving forward with installation.

There may be other additional costs depending on which pool builder you decide to go with. As always, double check with your builder to finalize any other costs you may need.

Cocktail Pool Upgrades

Some customers decide to add additional accessories which can include a waterfall, grotto, or even a fire pit to add depth and comfort to your newly installed cocktail pool. Additional accessories will impact the total price of your pool installation so be sure to factor them into your quote before proceeding with installation of any new feature.

Here are some of the possible upgrade options that may be available:

- Decorative Concrete –  Another option which is included in some cocktail pool installation prices is decorative concrete. While most customers choose a standard surface, there are many different colors and patterns that can be added if desired. The type of concrete used will impact how much a cocktail pool costs to install so be sure to ask for an accurate quote based on style you decide on as well as type of pattern or color you want included in your new backyard space.

- Pool Fencing – Many homeowners hesitate before deciding whether or not they should have their pool fencing installed with the actual pool installation but it’s definitely something that we recommend due to safety and liability reasons. If you want your yard completely open then this isn’t necessary but if children or pets could wander into the space then it’s a must-have.

The standard style for pool fencing is wood and it will be priced based on the height of the fence (usually 5 feet tall) as well as the size of your backyard area. Expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for this part of the cocktail pool installation depending on how big or small your new outdoor living space is so make sure to get an accurate quote before moving forward with any plans involving the addition of a cocktail pool in your backyard.

- Pool Lighting – Many cocktail pool installers offer different styles of lighting which can be added to your pool as part of the initial installation process or you might want to upgrade at a later date. The majority of cocktail pools available include spot lights which allow you to highlight specific areas such as the edge or steps. By adding underwater lighting it allows guests to see more into the depths of your new pool while creating an incredible ambiance for nighttime gatherings. These lights can be priced based on wattage and how many you would like installed around the perimeter of your backyard space. You also want to ask for an accurate quote based on additional wiring that might need to be laid including any electrical hookups required if you decide to add outdoor speakers which are a very popular addition especially when a cocktail pool is part of the backyard landscape design.

- Outdoor Speakers – If you’re looking for a way to further enhance your cocktail pool installation, then you should definitely look into adding outdoor speakers! These types of additions allow guests to listen to their favorite music while relaxing around the crystal clear water that is sure to impress all who visit. Just like every other feature we recommend in regards to cocktail pool installation, it’s best to ask for an accurate quote so that you know what the total cost will be before moving forward with this decision.

- Pool Cover – Pool covers are a great way to extend the life of your pool water and help maintain good sanitary conditions while also creating additional outdoor living space on days when you don’t want to get wet. The majority of cocktail pools available include automatic cover technology which can usually be priced as an upgrade over manual pool covers. If you’re thinking about installing these types of pool additions then make sure to ask for an accurate quote in regards to how much they will add onto the overall price for your cocktail pool installation project.

- Waterfall Feature – If you really want to add a luxurious touch to your cocktail pool installation then you should definitely consider adding an awesome waterfall feature. These can be installed as part of the initial cocktail pool installation process or added on later down the road depending on how much additional space you have available and whether or not it will impact other home improvements that are being done at the same time.

- Spool – Turn your cocktail pool into a spool by adding a spa! A spool will add a cozy spot to get warm and relax - especially if you add jets! A spool also doesn't require as many materials as a regular pool, so it doesn't cost as much to add. This also adds a seating option for your guests.

- Fire Pit – Adding a fire pit can really add to the environment of your backyard oasis. It can also serve as a focal point when friends and family come over to enjoy the space. If you decide to build your own instead of purchasing one that comes with the pool, make sure to have an accurate quote before committing.

- Outdoor Kitchen – Adding an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful way to increase your living space options without having to add additional square footage in regards to floor area. There are a variety of units that allow you to install all of your necessary appliances which makes it possible for entertaining all types of guests at once while being able to show off how much time and energy was put into designing such a luxurious backyard.

- Pool Bar – Having a built in pool bar is a fantastic way to seamlessly incorporate functional entertaining space with relaxation options. These usually come with certain appliances included so be sure to ask for an accurate quote before making your decision on whether or not it’s a worthwhile addition towards the overall cost for getting your cocktail pool installed.

- Electric – If an electric line was not installed at the time of pool installation, you may have to pay another contractor to come out and add one. This is a necessary cost regardless if you do not initially need electricity running to your new cocktail pool or any accessories included with it. You will just have to pay this price if/when you do decide that lights, water fountains, and other items are something that you want in your backyard space.

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