July 25, 2022

How Luxury Fire Elements Add To Your Backyard Appeal

Luxury fire elements are one add-on that can take your backyard from great fun to incredibly impressive. If you’re looking to up the ante on the way you entertain in your backyard, then fire elements are the surefire way to make it happen (pun intended). 

Let’s explore some of the fire element options that you can add to your luxury backyard to really impress your guests and enjoy yourself. And if you’ve ever wondered how luxury fire elements add to your backyard appeal, we’ve got you.

Luxury Fire Table

One fire element that you can pretty easily add to your backyard for extra drama and appeal is a luxury fire table. A fire table is similar to a fire pit. One difference is that the fire itself is contained on top of a table. It’s more like a piece of furniture that you can place in your backyard that happens to contain magnificent flames that really convey a sense of awe and power.

They provide beautiful ambient lighting and warmth as well. Although we wouldn’t say they put off as much heat as a more traditional fire pit, which could be a great compromise for our super-hot Georgia summers. You can still have the amazing qualities of a blazing fire without having to worry too much about overheating.

Imagine adding a fire table to your backyard patio or to a seating area next to your Bellareed Luxury pool. Stepping into the luxurious warmth of its glow and enjoying the amazing night air is just the perfect thing to add to your luxury backyard.

Custom Patio Fire Pit

If you’re looking for bigger drama and more power, you can always consider the option to actually customize a patio fire pit. Our team at Bellareed Luxury Pools specializes in creating reality from your vision when it comes to any luxury backyard installation, but especially fire pits.

Custom patio fire pits can provide the perfect gathering place for your friends and family. And there’s something about fire that just conveys a sense of power and feelings of safety.

And with Bellareed’s dedication to your satisfaction and ability to build with beautiful custom materials, you can truly have a unique, one-of-a-kind fire pit to anchor your luxury backyard.

Backyard Fireplaces

And if you’re looking for more elegance and beauty in your design, Bellareed can build an exquisite outdoor fireplace for your luxury backyard space. Outdoor fireplaces are excellent add-ons to a custom patio build or as part of a luxury outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor fireplaces bring the added drama of height which only adds to the luxury and elegance of your backyard oasis. With Bellareed’s luxury material options, you can choose from a wide variety to suit the exact look and feel of your existing space.

More Luxury Fire Elements

An impressive luxury pool sits behind a beautiful home. The pool has a rock grotto water fall, slide, and luxury fire elements.

Luxury fire elements like fire bowls can bring added drama and elegance to your luxury pool build.

And lastly, consider the strength and beauty of the fire bowl add-on as part of your luxury swimming pool build. Fire bowls are a luxury fire element that can be added to the construction of your Bellareed Luxury swimming pool.

They can be placed around the edges of your pool, on dramatically tall columns, or as an accent piece to a beautiful rock grotto. Wherever you choose to place your pool’s fire bowls the drama and beauty are sure to follow.

Fire bowls are truly a show-stopper, and you and your guests will never feel anything less than full-on luxury when in their presence.

Bellareed Luxury Pools

The time is now to finally build the luxury backyard of your dreams. There’s no better team than Bellareed to make your dream backyard a complete reality. Our team is dedicated to your vision, and we’ve got the experience to make it happen. Give us a call today for your free consultation and 3D rendering to really see how your dream can be your reality.

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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