May 15, 2021

How Do Pool Sanitizers Work?

Are you looking for the best pool sanitizers for your Bellareed luxury swimming pool? While the most common pool sanitation chemical is chlorine, there are plenty of other water treatments that you can use to keep your swimming pool clear and free of algae, bacteria, and fungi that like to grow around standing bodies of water. Without these pool sanitizers, you’d have a dirty green pool in no time. Many folks prefer alternatives to chlorine because chlorine is not a gentle chemical by any means and it can cause irritated eyes while swimming. So what are the best pool sanitizers and how do pool sanitizers work?

Salt Water Purifiers

If chlorine is the most popular and most common pool sanitizer, then salt water is the second. Saltwater pools can keep your swimming pool as clean as chlorine pools, but they are not nearly as harsh as chlorine. In fact, you can easily swim in a saltwater pool without worrying about having red, irritated eyes. Saltwater actually works in a similar manner as chlorine though. With a saltwater pool, salt is converted into a chlorine-like gas which is injected into the pool to keep it sanitized. This is an automated and regenerative process as opposed to traditional chlorine tablets which are dropped into the water manually.

Ozone Water Purifiers

Ozone water purification, also known as O3, uses powerful oxidants to destroy microorganisms in the water. This prevents the build-up of bacteria and algae with essentially no chemicals. This is a great alternative to chlorine as it gives you an effective and safe way to clean your swimming pool without the use of harsh chemicals. The drawback to O3 water purification is that ozone lasts only a short while and must be filtered through the pool every hour. Additionally, this process still requires a small amount of chlorine in order to sanitize effectively.

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Finally, swimming pools and spas also use ultraviolet light to sanitize water by killing microorganisms. UV sanitizers are used in and out of the water to kill germs and bacteria. Special UV bulbs are added to your swimming pool’s filtration system to keep it clean. There are pros and cons to this method, specifically that lightbulbs are chemical-free but they must be replaced every few months as they do burn out. It is also common to find a combination of UV bulbs and ozone purification systems that work in tandem to keep your pool free of microorganisms and algae.

Bellareed Luxury Pools

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