July 18, 2022

Chattanooga Pool Design Ideas

Bellareed Luxury Pools is your leading source for luxury pool design ideas in Chattanooga, TN. By collaborating with our team of in-house designers, your swimming sanctuary will reflect the beauty of both your home and the memories you make in it. The key to success with a custom pool is having plenty of options from design elements to construction materials. Here are some of our favorite design ideas for pools and spas emblematic of “Scenic City.” 

Luxury Pool and Spa

Can’t decide between a pool or spa? Why not have both? Bellareed completes numerous projects every year in which a spa is seamlessly attached to an inground pool. That way, when you’re done exercising in the pool, you can decompress from your workout in the spa.

A tanning ledge is another effective way to add beauty and purpose to your custom pool. This is a raised platform in the pool that allows you to soak up some sun in very shallow water. No one says your luxury pool has to be all about swimming!

Luxury Spool

While we love our large pool and spa designs, don’t think that your swim needs to be expansive in order to be luxurious. A spool is a fantastic way to enjoy a soothing soak in a smaller backyard. Short for “spa pool,” a spool is similar to a hot tub in that it pumps a steady current of water at an average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, they even include jets. Spools are typically large enough to accommodate two adults laying side by side.

These are a great option for when you’d rather use a pool to relax as opposed to swimming laps. That is why you often see spools in a hotel or resort setting where guests are encouraged to unwind.

Pool Decks

A luxury pool is not complete without an equally luxurious pool deck. So be sure to include pool deck ideas into your grand design. The good news is that Bellareed offers a variety of stylish, durable materials to make your space above the water as stunning as the pool itself. 

Our builders are experts in decorative and stamped concrete. We also work often with brick, natural stone, wood, and composite materials. We also carry uncommon materials gathered from all over the world. A visit to our showroom will give you an idea of just how boundless the possibilities are when it comes to our building materials.

Elegant Water Features

Whatever your dream pool’s size, elegant water features will elevate its grandeur even further. They add beautiful sights and sounds to your environment that will transport you and your guests to a place of tranquility.

At Bellareed, we customize pools through a wide variety of water features like fountains, waterfalls, scuppers, spillovers, deck jets, and more. And if your water features crave a finishing touch, consider adding LED lighting elements to them for a colorful nighttime spectacle. 

If you want a little more adventure from a water feature, know that we do install water slides as well! 

What are Your Luxury Pool Design Ideas?

However big you go with your pool design ideas, our expert team has worked with it all. We can help you bring your dream pool to life as we have with so many other custom pools in Chattanooga. And thanks to our amazing team, we complete most of our projects in just 12 weeks.

Whatever elements are on your wish list, our designers and builders will create a luxury pool that fits elegantly into your home’s look and structure. Schedule your free consultation with our design team today, and we will bring you one big step closer to reimagining your best backyard experience.

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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