August 29, 2022

Celebrating Labor Day in Your Luxury Backyard

Celebrating Labor Day in your luxury backyard is an absolute must as our Georgia summertime draws to a close. There’s nothing quite like spending a luxurious three-day weekend in the comfort of your very own Atlanta or Columbus backyard, especially when your luxury backyard is exquisitely designed.

If you’re planning to make the most of your Labor Day weekend (or any weekend, for that matter), the best way to do that is with a masterful luxury backyard design from Bellareed Luxury Pools. Here’s how you might make the most of celebrating Labor Day in your luxury backyard. 

Celebrating Labor Day in Your Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

If you haven’t yet built your dream, luxury backyard for your Georgia home, now’s the perfect time to plan and visualize what that might look like. With Bellareed’s master design team, we can design you the perfect luxury outdoor kitchen for your luxury backyard. And we all know how great celebrating Labor Day can be with the perfect grilling, cooking, and baking setup, especially in luxury and especially outdoors. 

With a luxury outdoor kitchen build, you can keep the mess outside, and you can keep yourself outside where all the action is happening. You can choose the highest luxury models of SABER® Grill or a custom-made brick oven. Explore our great material options to build the most beautiful countertops and bar seating. When you choose luxury with Bellareed, the experience is second to none. 

Imagine grilling the most succulent spare ribs or juicy hamburgers to close out summer and wow your guests. Celebrating Labor Day is made easy when you have your perfect luxury backyard design complete with a luxury outdoor kitchen. 

Make a Huge Splash in your Luxury Swimming Pool

While you’re busy enjoying the fruitful labor in your luxury outdoor kitchen, your guests can be having the time of their lives sliding, splashing, and floating in your masterfully designed luxury swimming pool. Bellareed Luxury Pools are the luxury pool experts, so you can rest assured that your custom pool design will scream luxury, beauty, and functionality.

Celebrating Labor Day the right way requires your dream luxury swimming pool design. The kids will be entertained, your guests will be living their best lives, and your hospitality will be second-to-none. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as great food and great fun in the comfort of your luxury backyard with your closest friends and neighbors.

Wind Down the Night Next to Your Luxury Custom Fire Pit

And when everyone is tired, and the night is closing in, you can light up your luxury backyard with your impressive custom fire pit. Whether your style is more natural and gentle or more modern, clean, and crisp, the warm feeling of gathering around the fire is the perfect way to wind down as you finish celebrating Labor Day in your luxury backyard. 

The kids love a good campfire since it’s the perfect excuse to wield sticks with confectionery pillows on the end. And for the adults (who can also yield the benefits of a well-roasted marshmallow), fireside is the perfect place to unwind with a cool beverage in the warm Georgia night. 

Whatever your fireside looks like while you're celebrating Labor Day, one thing is certain. Everyone loves a good bond around a fire, and your guests will be sure to talk about your perfect Labor Day celebration for years to come. It might even become an annual tradition. 

Build your Luxury Backyard Design with Bellareed

We know you’re finally ready to make that luxury backyard dream into your luxury backyard reality. There’s no other way to do it right in Georgia than with Bellareed Luxury Pools. 

With most projects completed within 12 weeks, you’ll soon be celebrating all the holidays in your luxury backyard. Contact our team for your free consultation and 3D model. We’re ready to be sure you’re always celebrating Labor Day in your luxury backyard. 

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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