October 12, 2021

Are Saltwater Pools Really Easier to Maintain?

When you're thinking about taking the plunge into pool ownership, there’s a lot of different information floating around in the water. What kind of pool? Which dealer? What about maintenance? What sanitization system is best? You’ll find yourself working through each of these questions, so let’s clear the water a little. Are saltwater pools really easier to maintain? The short answer is yes, but there are some things to consider. 


Saltwater Pool Basics

It’s a common misconception that saltwater pools don’t use any chlorine. While you’ll never actually buy chlorine itself or pour any into your pool, chlorine is still the chemical that sanitizes your pool in a saltwater set up. Saltwater pools employ a salt cell generator that uses electricity to break down the individual chemicals that make up salt and convert it to chlorine. 

Chlorine still sanitizes your pool, but it’s easier on your eyes, skin, and swimsuits. The saltwater system does a good job of cutting down on the presence of chloramines, the reason chlorine pools have a distinct smell. Many people truly appreciate this about a saltwater system. And salt can be a more natural approach to the sanitization of your pool. But what about ease of maintenance?


Saltwater Pool Maintenance

The maintenance for a saltwater pool system can be easier than a traditional chlorine system. The saltwater system tends to keep the balance of chlorine pretty well, and even when you need to make an adjustment, you usually just add more salt. You don’t have to worry about storing and handling chlorine or other chemicals. If you’re concerned about your pool tasting salty or burning your eyes, don’t be. The salt levels are close enough to your body’s natural salinity, that you likely won’t notice at all. 

It is worth noting, however, that saltwater can be harsh on some of your pool hardware like screws or metal ladders. As long as you keep an eye on your pool equipment and address issues as they arise, your pool will remain the beautiful, luxurious oasis you desire.   


Traditional Chlorine System

So what about traditional chlorine? While saltwater pools are considered easier to maintain, that doesn’t mean the traditional chlorine pool systems are hard to maintain. They’re not. Chlorine is an excellent sanitizer that’s readily available for most people. You can maintain your chemical balance by testing regularly. And most chlorine systems make it super easy for you to add and balance chemicals. So, it really comes down to what works for you and your family. 


What does a luxury pool look like for you? Is it a super easy to maintain saltwater set up or a readily available chlorine setup? Think about what best fits your lifestyle. Rest assured that whatever you decide, our team at Bellareed Luxury Pools is ready to make it happen. The professionals at Bellareed Luxury Pools are ready to make your luxury pool dreams a reality. We have the experience, the know-how, and the connections you need to get it done. Contact us today. 


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