August 8, 2022

Why You Should Add a Spa to Your Luxury Pool Design

Considering whether you should add a spa to your luxury pool design? A built-in spa is a great choice, and one that many of our clients choose. After all, when you design your swimming pool, you want to make sure that you’ve met all your hopes and dreams. We don’t call them luxurious pools for no reason. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you should add a spa to your luxury pool design.

The Biggest Reason to Add a Spa to Your Luxury Pool Design

One of the best reasons to add a built-in spa to your Georgia pool is because there are so many benefits to soaking in a spa. The heat and bubbles that come along with your built-in spa are just the thing you need to relax away your stress and tension from the day. Hydrotherapy from both swimming pools and spas is well-documented to have far-reaching benefits from stress relief to muscle recovery.
So really, adding a built-in spa to your luxury swimming pool build is a great way to take care of your body. 

Extra Space for Friends

Another thing you should consider when adding a spa to your luxury swimming pool design is the added extra space for friends and the added luxurious feel. You’re already sold on the luxury and greatness of a swimming pool, but your luxury pool and spa go hand in hand. 

Pools are great for your daytime floating and relaxing needs. They’re also great for splashing, playing, and sliding. But spas are special. There’s nothing more relaxing than a beautifully designed, luxury spa directly connected to your luxury Atlanta pool. 

Even during summer, you'll find that your built-in spa is a favorite oasis once the sun goes down. Just turn down the heat on your spa to create a refreshing experience. It's in the other seasons of the year that your built-in spa really shines! When autumn and winter roll around, you'll love the warm water of your spa and that you get to keep enjoying your backyard through the colder months.

Luxury swimming pools are amazing in and of themselves, but they become the pinnacle of luxury when you add the silky, warm waters of a built-in spa. 

Luxury Swimming Pool and Spa Privacy 

It’s also worth noting that spas are a great space for adults who want some privacy. The kids love the pool, but adults tend to love the spa. Having a built-in spa provides the perfect delineation between kids’ space and adults’ space. And, because you can choose to have your spa built directly into the pool space, you can relax and keep a close watch on your family as they swim. 

Design Your Spa Specifically for You

And finally, as with all things Bellareed design, we’re committed to the overall flow and beauty of your luxury backyard space. Just like every other project we build, when you add a spa to your luxury pool design, we'll customize it to your specifications to create a one-of-a-kind pool and spa. We strive for a cohesive design for your entire luxury backyard build, so everything will look beautiful and provide the functionality you need. 

Your spa can be built exactly as you need it, so that you can soak away your stresses in the height of luxury.

Atlanta Pool Builders

When it comes to your luxury backyard design, our Atlanta-based pool building team is second to none. We’re prepared to blow your mind with our customer service and dedication to your build. Bellareed Luxury Pools is different because our entire team from design to construction is in-house. That means you get the highest quality service every time. 

Our in-house team also ensures the fastest build times. Most of our projects are completed within 12 weeks' time. So you can be swimming in your luxury pool and soaking in your luxury spa faster than you may think. The only thing we’re waiting for is your call. Contact our team today for your free consultation. 

While you're considering if you want to add a spa to your luxury pool design, check out our blog, 5 Extravagant Pool Design Ideas for other amazing luxury pool features you may want to include.

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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