March 24, 2022

4 Features For The Ultimate Backyard Pool

Tennessee’s mild climate makes it possible for you to enjoy your backyard year-round. And now is a great time of the year to have Bellareed Luxury Pools build you the ultimate backyard pool. A luxury pool is the centerpiece for a luxurious outdoor living space, but what about the rest of your backyard? You have so many options - where do you even start? We narrowed it down to 4 features for the ultimate backyard pool.

Fire and Water Features

a split screen shows fire bowl luxury pool features on one side and water bowl pool features on the other

Choose your luxury design elements to create a personal luxury experience.

Some ultra stylish elements for your ultimate backyard pool are custom fire and water features. Fire gives an air of elegance to any luxury pool, and the warmth is oh-so inviting to family and guests. 

Decorative water features like water bowls, bubblers, and sheer descents add a sense of tranquility to a backyard pool with their soothing sounds. Plus, when lit with LED lighting after dark, custom water features can really transform any pool into a luxury pool.

Installing these two features in and around your pool shows off your style and frames your luxury pool beautifully. Bellareed designs amazing custom fire and water features, so when it’s time for your design consultation, come to us with your ideas!

Practical Pool Features

Outdoor Swimming Pool Construction in Atlanta

To extend your pool enjoyment into the mild Tennessee winters, consider adding a pool heater and an automatic pool cover. With these two features, you can enjoy your pool when the weather turns cooler. 

A pool heater is a great piece of equipment for protecting your pool from cold or even freezing temperatures. Freezing can cause pipes to break, leading to expensive repairs, so a pool heater is truly a practical feature at its core. But, there is nothing as invigorating as a swim in a heated pool on a crisp fall day!

The second practical feature for your ultimate backyard pool is a Coverstar® automatic pool cover, as it is also a vital tool for protecting your pool. Pool covers keep out dirt, debris, and shield pools from harsh elements. And when paired with a pool heater, a cover insulates your pool and has it ready to enjoy in no time - even during colder weather!

However, rather than recruiting the local high school football team to pull a cumbersome cover over your pool, an automatic pool cover opens with a simple push a button. Now, that’s luxury! You push the button and your pool is covered for the winter, protected from the elements. Plus, we design the covers to fit seamlessly with your pool.

The Bellareed Difference for Your Ultimate Backyard Pool

Bellareed Luxury Pools

We use the highest quality of materials including PebbleTec® giving you numerous finishes and colors to create your ultimate backyard pool. Bellareed gets materials from Europe and abroad that others can’t get. This way, we can create and build you a unique luxury pool for your Tennessee backyard.

All of our work is done in-house by our amazing team, from the designer to the builder. As soon as you approve the design, our in-house permitting and drafting team gets to work taking care of the permits. It saves time and money while ensuring the best in quality control. And you’ll have a project coordinator assigned to your specific project and will keep you thoroughly up-to-date during the entire build process.

Having no subcontractors means we don’t have to go out to find, hire, and schedule them. It cuts out middlemen giving us more control over the quality. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work. Also, doing everything in-house means we can build your ultimate backyard pool in 90 days or less. Schedule a consultation with us and get the process started – a process we got down to a science.

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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