March 21, 2023

3 Unique Pool Design Ideas

If you’re going to invest in a luxury pool, you want it to be unique, right? But how does one generate unique pool design ideas? With so many innovative concepts to draw inspiration from (especially in Tennessee), the process of designing a custom inground pool can seem overwhelming at first. 

Fortunately, you have seasoned artisans at your disposal who can help you weigh your options. At Bellareed™ Luxury Pools, we believe the key to establishing unique pool design ideas is to ask unique questions - ones that you may not typically think of when discussing a pool build. 

Powerful Questions for Unique Pool Ideas

We at Bellareed construct all of our pools with concrete because it allows for complete customization and exceptional durability. The pleasant challenge this creates for our clients is virtually limitless possibilities for their backyard paradise. 

So how do they arrive at a vision that they can collaborate with our team of in-house designers on? One approach is to ponder some powerful questions that get you to think about pools in a different way. By allowing your mind to explore this new territory, you’re more likely to find brilliant ideas for a luxury pool design.  

1. What color is the pool in daylight? What color is it at night?

At first glance, these questions may seem a little ridiculous. A pool doesn’t change color, does it? Yes and no.

Bellareed lines each pool with PebbleTec® pool finish which comes in a wide variety of textures and colors. When the sunlight hits the pool water, it interacts with the finish color and creates the image of colored water. So whether you see yourself swimming in a blue lagoon or an emerald bay, the possibilities are there.

Surprise! Your pool doesn’t have to look that same color at night. Enjoy a little magic by installing customized LED lighting. That same pool that sports a lush aqua during the day can glow with electric purple, green, and so many other colors after dark.

2. How little is the pool?

Now this question can really come as a surprise if you’re new to the pool building adventure. Most people think a custom inground pool is a grand, mirage-like statement that should take up a large portion of your backyard. Not necessarily. You can, indeed, go for the king-sized project. But, there are pool options for smaller yards as well. 

For instance, you could have a cocktail pool or a spa pool (a.k.a spool). Cocktail pools are so named because they’re designed for intimate gatherings where swimmers are submerged enough to enjoy a soak but not so much that they can’t enjoy a cocktail at the same time. A spool is large enough that it can fit two grown adults laying side by side.

So if you’re thinking unique pool designs start at an extra large, think again!

3. How high is the pool? 

Height? Yes. How high do your pool’s features rest above the ground? This is where all the showstopping elements that give the pool real impact come in.

Slides. Waterfalls. Grottos. Deck jets. These are all special features that get you to look above the water. In our history, we’ve constructed many elegant walls and even entire mountains that incorporate these features.

Include the pool deck and the surrounding fence in your vision. You may generate a creative idea for landscaping, a custom fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace in the pool environment as well. 

Unique Pool Design Ideas for Tennesse Homes

With these questions percolation in your mind, you’re sure to develop some spectacularly unique pool design ideas for a pool that will add value to your home in Tennessee. Visit Bellareed’s gallery for more inspiration. Then, contact us for a FREE consultation. Our team of in-house designers and builders will put you on the path to getting your dream pool fast!

Bellareed Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool, outdoor living design and construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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